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Working on Getting the Place Ready to Sale

Working on getting the place ready to sale for the past couple of weeks. The big thing we are doing is working on the curb appeal. We pressure washed all of the vinyl siding around the trim, painted the shutters, cleaned up the gutters really nice. I went to the Northern Hardware store and got a jug of this stuff that they sell to clean RV’s with. I would hit the stuff with the pressure washer, good and hard, but not so hard that you might tear it up. That is a real possibility if you have a really good pressure washer like the one I have and you are not being as careful as you need to be. I did some work on the yard and on the side porch. It is going to be one of the things you see pretty quickly if you pull in to the driveway and it was looking kind of rough too.

The porch was sort of a faded brownish color, but we have these trees above it which are above it. They produce huge amounts of this nasty pollen and sap mixture and that makes it really difficult to keep the side porch clean and good looking. I figure that there is a rather short period in the year when it is not noticed by all. It is a big mess most of the year as those tree seem to always have some sort of nasty green, black or brown stuff coming off them and getting all over any thing which is left in that part of the yard. I am going to replace the light fixtures on the porch too. It looks a bit rusty, but it is that nasty stuff which has caused it. Really it is made of stuff that does not rust.

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