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I Told My Sister to Rent a Car Before Deciding to Buy One Since She Rarely Drives

My sister told me she wanted to buy a car. She has a license but has driven about 10 times in the last five years. I told her she may want to got to www.advancecarrental.com.sg and rent a car before deciding to buy one. She rarely takes my advice. However, this time she did. I was actually surprised. She got aggravated when she missed her train to get to work one morning. She was running late and got to the MRT station just as the doors closed on her ride to work. She is fortunate that the stop for her work is right underneath the building she works in. She does not ever have to walk in the bad weather or drive in it to get to work.

I told her that cars are expensive.

Storing My Old Business Papers off Site at a Storage Facility

When my wife put a small round table cloth and a plant on top of boxes I had stacked in the corner of my home office, I figured it was time to rent a storage unit. I came into my office to see the mock piece of furniture. She did a really good job disguising the fact that they were boxes stacked up. It looked like a big square table after her stacking arrangement. She told me to check out www.store-friendly.com.sg to find a storage unit that was the perfect size for all of my old records.

I rarely need to have access to those paper files, but I have to hold onto them for many years for legal reasons.

Doing the Whole Grown Up Thing

I can not say that this is as much as fun as being young and irresponsible was. I would love it if I could wake up tomorrow and have to worry about passing my final exams and having the Summer semester to goof off. Instead I will be looking for home insurance deals. In truth it is a good thing that I found a girl who is smarter and more responsible than I am when it comes to this sort of thing. I would still be living in the apartment I shared with my old college drinking buddies if not for Mary Anne and her better senses. Of course I could be happy with that sort of life if I had plenty of beer. We are planning upon having a kid and we can probably afford it, but it is not going to be easy. The house we are looking at is actually pretty small in fact. Continue reading →