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Getting Ready to Start on My MBA

I graduated from college about five years ago, in fact I went to the University of New South Wales and got a degree in both Accounting and Business Finance. I went to work for a bank and they have assigned me to the Singapore office, where I have an office in the 25th floor of a tower in Raffles Place. At the moment I have done very well, but I have advanced about as rapidly as I can for now. I have to start thinking about business schools in singapore so that I can go ahead and get started on my MBA degree if I want to go any further.

Do You Want to Know the Facts of What Should Be on Your Business Card?

I had no idea what really went into making an effective business card. What it comes down to is that you have about two seconds to capture the attention of the person you give your business card to. They need to be hooked right away otherwise it is unlikely they will even read what is on your card. If you need an example of what a good business card looks like, you can check it out for yourself at a professional graphic design firm I like to use. They understand what it takes to make a business card that works.

A card you use for your business is something that is exchanged on a daily basis. We see so many of them that we barely give them a glance before putting them away in a pocket. Continue reading →

Tring out Test O Boost to Fix Low T Levels

change in t levels with age All About TestosteroneAfter 40 there is a noticeable decline in some men. Probably a lot more than care to admit it. They lose a little strength and stamina. They get tired a lot more easily than they used to. That extra inning or round of golf makes the muscles a bit more sore. Also, recovery from strenuous activity takes a bit longer. Work can seem like a marathon on some days. This is why some guys go for supplements that are designed to help with these issues such as advanced test o boost.

There has been a lot in the news about testosterone replacement therapy in men. Not all of it has been good. This has to do with the prescription medications that are testosterone. There is one that you apply under your arms in the same manner as you would roll-on antiperspirant.