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Spending a Couple Weeks in Malaysia

I am going to be in Malaysia for a couple of weeks, perhaps longer. I am going to be doing some free lance photo shooting of the different Malaysian Buddhist temples on the island of Penang. It is going to be a lot of fun from what I can tell. I already found a place for a pretty cheap Penang car rental and I have been looking up the area so thoroughly that I have memorized a route. Of course I am going to be going back to any site where the light does not cooperate with me and allow me to get a really good shot. That is because this is the sort of thing that could really set me out on this career. It is a good job with a reputable company in the travel business and if they like the photos, then lots of people will get to see them. In essence this could make or break me in the short term as a photographer.

If I do this really well and the client likes the work it is pretty certain that they can give me as much work as I need and it will be exactly the type of work that I would like to get. I would be doing just what I want to be doing. On the other hand if I give them some sub par photos it will probably mean that I do not get a second chance at this, at least not one that I do not have to finance out of my out pocket. So this is a really big deal to me if I want to be a pro travel photographer. Of course I am going to be blogging live as well and shooting some video, but that is my own thing.

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