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Saving the Lives of Our Children

HPV. It’s one of the ugliest infections that the human body can carry, often manifestation physical symptoms as one of the most commonly recognize symptoms; a wart. Despite the wart being a common virus that nearly every human will become infected with by the time they are 50, it remains one of the more dangerous infections due to it’s cancer causing potential. It’s no surprise that in recent years there has been a push for a HPV cure, leading to some of the most incredible discoveries for medical research as new ways to combat this tenacious virus have come to light.

I found it rather amusing that with the advent of a new vaccine for a strain of genital HPV which impacts women more often than men, and can also be one of the leading causes of cervical cancer, that many parents were denying having their children vaccinated because of its association with sex. Sexual health in the United States is nothing short of a joke thanks to the stubborn, moral ‘virutes’ of the orthodox culture that exists. Religion has far too much influence in our society and when children are suffering at the hands of practitioners of it, something has to be done.

Every child must be vaccinated against everything virus or disease which can impact them. To not do so needs to be considered nothing short of child abuse! Regardless of religious stance, the parents of that child have no right to prevent their children medical attention. If they can become a carrier of an infectious disease or virus, then they have only become a danger to both themselves and to the rest of society. Just look at the recent measles outbreak; patients zero was a child whose parents didn’t believe in vaccination! This sort of ignorance cannot allowed to go on.

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