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I Want One of Those Condos

I knew I wanted to live in Miami since I was just a kid. My aunt and uncle live there, and we used to go down every summer for vacation. Coming from a rural area, I fell in love with everything there. I loved being that close to the beach, plus there were so many other fun things to do there. As I got older, I started to appreciate even more things, so I moved there when I graduated from college. I have an apartment now, but I have been looking at a biscayne beach condo development since I just received a promotion at work.

I don’t have any problems in my current apartment, but it is on the small side. I also don’t live that close to the beach, which is my favorite pastime when I am not working. I saw some pictures of the area that the condo development is in, and I knew as soon as I saw how modern and luxurious the condos are that I wanted to live in one of them. It wasn’t until I looked at the floor plan though that I knew that I would not settle for anything less.

I really liked the two bedroom plan because it meant that I could have a home office as well. Right now, my home office is me sitting either on the couch or my dining room table with my laptop. I also liked that there are balconies for those times I want to breathe in the fresh air without going to the beach to do it. I have started the paperwork, and I don’t foresee any complications or roadblocks in getting the approval to get one of the condos. I sure have come a long way from being a farm boy to almost living in one of the most beautiful condos in the area.

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