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Greece Was Our Best Vacation Yet!

I was checking out the various vacation options for my wife and I. We wanted a foreign destination. We would be using our passports for the first time. We also wanted sun and sea and exquisite food choices. That got me looking at greece tour packages. Nothing like a seaside vacation spot in sunny Greece. I could almost taste the food as I was looking at all of the great things you can do and enjoy in Greece.

My wife is all about boating, beach going and things like that. I like culture, architecture, history and cuisine. However, I also like the water and am not averse to spending time in it or on it. My wife also enjoys good food and learning about the history of the places we visit. We make a great team and have fun on our vacations. This one was going to be exceptional. We had never visited a place outside of the United States before. We have never even been to Canada even though we only live about four hours away from the border.

I was a bit anxious about the long flight and what you have to do nowadays to pass through customs and airport security. I have not even been on a plane in years. However, booking one of the Greece tour packages was a breeze, and it was easy to learn what to do to make the trip through airport security and customs easy. We did not have any trouble going to Greece or coming back, and we came back with a whole lot of memories and lots of pictures. I’m telling you, if slide shows of vacations were still the thing to do, I would be having one right now. We are still excited about our time in Greece and that was four months ago.

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