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Fantastic Divorce Lawyers in Alpharetta Area

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that I am going to be getting a divorce to my wife of the last 15 years. It is kind of hard to believe that it has been that long; it is even hard to believe that it is over now. I never saw this coming, and it would make me angry, if I were not too depressed to be angry. Anyway, I was browsing the web for legal information and found a click here for an alpharetta divorce and family law attorney link that took me to a website for a lawyer located nearby to the city that I live in, which is Alpharetta obviously.

I don’t know if that is dumb luck, or if the computer somehow knew my location. I have no idea about how things like that work, and I am probably going to make a fool of myself if I comment much more on the subject. I am just going to move on, and say that I am glad that I was able to find out the website of a divorce lawyer in my area, regardless of how it was that I came across this link.

I hope that this lawyer won’t charge me too much, but regardless of how much the lawyer costs, this is a legal battle that really demands that I retain a lawyer. A lot is at stake here, and most important, is the custody of the children. I know that I would be able to raise them better, and I really feel like it is for the best that I am granted the vast majority of the parenting time. I want the kids to be able to see their mother, sure, but I want to be the largest motivating force in their lives.

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